When a Brand gets into ‘ILLANG KANAWA’ mode

Since their launch, there have been many negative reviews and opinions flaring on Burger King Sri Lanka, mostly about the size of their Burgers and the taste of their bread among a lot of other issues. Their Facebook page has been continuously receiving several complaints.

Knowing very well that the most popular complaint is about the size of their Burgers, their smartass social media/ marketing team decides to post the following image.

Burger King

Glutton for Punishment?


4 thoughts on “When a Brand gets into ‘ILLANG KANAWA’ mode

  1. This post doesn’t look like it has anything to do with the size of the burgers does it ? People are allowed to interpret thing in whatever form or manner they wish. For example even the most innocent post could be taken in an offensive manner. Blaming the marketing / social media team seems to be jumping the gun a tad. You can’t please everybody

    • Thanks for your comment, and I absolutely agree that you can’t please everybody. However, let’s look at this in terms of brand management.
      How you communicate on social media reflects on the brand’s reputation. And we all know that Social media has been a very important communication channel. Corporate reputation is made of identity & image. Identity is how the company tries to portray itself and image is how the company is perceived.

      If you achieve about 70 – 80% (which is majority) of positive perception towards the brand/ company, then the brand qualifies as having a good corporate reputation in general marketing practice.

      Whilst the marketing team tried to identify themselves as being creative, they did not THINK for a second on how their creativity would be perceived. Which means they did not evaluate their BASIC risks. In this instance, I’d say not used common sense.

      I mean visually showing a burger the size of a wrist? I mean really?

      You can’t please everybody, but your objective is to please the MAJORITY.

      Sorry yo, but I don’t see the MAJORITY being pleased.

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