A Sexist Approach by Wijeya Newspapers

I was shocked and disgusted to see one of Wijeya’s flagship publications post an article on the 17th of January in their online edition.

Lankadeepa covered an event in Sigiriya, in which the headline and 50% of the pictures (4 out of 8) focused on the English compere’s tattooed back. She was wearing a saree jacket that was ‘slightly’ more open than a conventional / cultural saree jacket.

The headline states ‘Nivedikavo Sigiriyata Galapena Andum Andithi’, which literally means ‘The compere wore an attire that suits Sigiriya’. It’s sarcastic. It’s Sexist. It’s a LOW BLOW.

They’ve also managed to proudly stamp their watermark on all the pictures.


Since when was this newsworthy?

In my opinion, I think she has a hot back, an elegant saree and a funky tattoo. All three complement each other very well.

Media publicity of this nature encourages extremism, sexism and racism. Honestly, I think even gossip lanka has a teenie weenie bit more class than this.

This may have been an extremist thought of the journalist that covered the event, but Wijeya being a national news provider cannot afford to make mistakes of this nature. Clearly, there are no proper systems & processes in place for checks.

This is not the first time Wijeya’s online news carried this degree of disappointment. Among other incidents, a few months ago, daily mirror’s twitter page posted the following tweet that attracted attention in the Lankan twittersphere. People felt that there was no reason to mention the word ‘muslim’ in that tweet.

I sincerely hope these idiots get their act together.


10 thoughts on “A Sexist Approach by Wijeya Newspapers

  1. By saying “I think she has a hot back” you seem to be displaying the same level of sexism as our friends at Wijeya (I don’t believe you would comment on how good looking a man is). No hate though, since you’re writing a blog. Unlike the moron editor at this newspaper who needs a brick chucked at his head,

    • I completely agree. My mistake. Though, that wasn’t my intention. I was merely trying to compliment her back. But you do have a point. I take it back.

      • Appreciating one’s hotness is not about being “sexist”. You don’t have to be sorry about that, you were honest and it was a complement to that woman. On the other hand the editors of the so called news paper, Sigh!

  2. Well done on both points and for writing on this issue. However I would add that you don’t need to apologize for saying “she has a hot back”, which is a fact. I don’t see women apologizing for saying a well built, athletic guy has a “hot body”. Treating women differently in all aspects of life, even with the best intentions, will not achieve equality and is frankly patronizing.

    In fact, I would go as far as to say that there would be nothing wrong in the fact that Wijeya published this picture, if it had not been accompanied by that horrible, sexist headline. Newspapers know that their market is predominantly male, and they cater to that crowd. It makes perfect business sense, and as long as a woman’s achievements are not undermined by highlighting her physical attributes, I have no issue.

  3. sexist remarks aside, why would we need to ‘chuck a brick @ the editor’ (Self-contradictory) ?! is this our new breed of ‘religious/ ethnic tolerance’ that’s being practiced across our island?! do we not learn from our past or what our religions really teach us?!

  4. Good that you highlighted this, blatent sexism with a hint of religious/cultural overtones (the Sigiriya reference-would it have been deemed more suitable in the capital but not in the ancient/sacred site?).

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