Multiple Twitter parody accounts got serious today with their expression of condolences on #Mandela’s passing


I’ve been having conversations lately about how people overreact on social media when famous people die, springing from the recent death of Paul Walker of course.

Honestly, what was that about?

But I suppose it’s different with Mandela’s death. Offering condolences to a man who fought hard for peace, justice & racial harmony with inspiration, honesty and remarkable leadership in itself is a symbol of letting the world know that you appreciate such values. Values of proper leadership that can be used in the political world that are in the brink of extinction. Kind of like the Black Rhino’s in Africa.

It was nice to see some Parody accounts that usually tweet not so serious stuff, get serious.

And one from LKA…

I think I’m going to fish out my Invictus DVD for this weekend, and fall in love with Freeman’s acting all over again.

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”. Religion summarized in one sentence I’d say.

Rest in peace Mandela. You will be missed.


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