While I’m here…


By Wasaam Ismail and Abbasali Rozais


While I’m here

Wrist deep in potato chips,

You’re there

Trying to moisten parched lips,

Skipping meals, no big deal.

A fate sealed,

With memories that make you reel.


While I’m in here

Writing a mother’s day card,

You’re there

Tapping on doors so hard,

Looking for a mother or another,

Clutching the picture of a brother.

Haunted by that last vision

Of father, as he left the yard.


While I’m here,

Chilling, reading a book

You’re there,

Roasting in a wooden shack

Hardly a mat ‘tween floor and back,

Sharing even this with two or three

And certainly no electricity.


While I’m here

Cheering my team,

You’re there

Back on a beam,

Tearing and screaming,

Seething and pleading,

Till your last, chilling scream.


While I’m here

Contending views,

You’re there

Gagged, a Fist to your face,

Gun to your head,

A throbbing heart and silenced ache.


While I’m here

Hitting the spa,

Swimming, having a beer

You’re there,

Covered in scars, Brushing a tear.

Living in fear, a people leered.


While I’m here,

Defending Motherland

You’re, there,

No mother and no land.

No one to turn to,

Nowhere to hide.


While I’m in here

Seeking more luxury

And little solution

You’re out there

Seeking less thuggery

And absolution.


While I’m in here

Asking, ‘Why not me?’

You’re out there

Asking, ‘Why me?’


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