Bus drivers banned from using mobile phones?

I read an article today on Daily Mirror which I found quite alarming. “Bus drivers would be banned from using mobile phones while driving from tomorrow” the transport minister had said. So wait… were they allowed to use phones while on the job all this time?
Using a mobile phone while driving is against the law in Sri Lanka anyway, and is no doubt a cause for several road accidents. When I rang up the police (just to double check), they informed me that offenders will be sent straight to court instead of the police imposing a fine. The offender would also accumulate 4 penalty points.
So is it that our transport minister is badly uninformed, or did he just publicly make a statement that the police are inefficient in imposing the law on bus drivers? Or is that Daily Mirror has come up with a half baked article that doesn’t portray the full picture? I’m confused.
I also found a few links you may find useful.

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