My Special Place

Feel like smiling? Make it big beautiful and worth it
I’ll smile with you. In the moment, with love lets clothe it

Got an urge to say Hi? Say it loud, be clear
I’ll say hello, and let’s share a moment of cheer

Feel like taking a peek? Take a minute to look deep
Keep your eyes wide open, false judgment could creep

Do shake my hand, but don’t clinch too hard
A tiny sign of doubt; may ruin our great start

Pat my back, put your arms around me
Sit next to me; who knows, I could be your homie!

But if I turn around, and I can’t see,
and you take advantage of that, shame on me

Perfection. Don’t want. Don’t have. Don’t need.
Be true to yourself, all else shall lead

People, they come, people, they go
Some give you scars, others, hope

But if you are that person, looking for some simple space
I’ll give you shelter, in my special place.


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